What to bring along

You are welcome to bring a maximum of two suitcases plus a pram or a pair of skis without surcharge on our bus services. For the third (and subsequent) suitcase there will be an extra charge of 3,40 € per bag, regardless of the distance traveled.

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Transportation of bikes and e-scooters

We also transport bikes onboard our buses to an extra fee of 5 euros. Please contact our customer service no later than the previous working day from your trip to make sure that there is enough room for the bike in the cargo compartment. If you have an online ticket, the fee will be charged when you board the bus.

We will happily transport also your e-scooter.

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Pets onboard

Your pet is also welcome onboard! Small lap dogs may travel for free. For other dogs and pets travelling in a carrying case en extra fee is charged.

Read more about transportation of pets >>

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