Regional Bus Services in Western Uusimaa

In Western Uusimaa we operate services both within the region and all the way to Helsinki. Our main routes are Helsinki-Lohja-Virkkala and Helsinki-Veikkola-Nummela. In addition, our regional services extend all the way to Inkoo, Karjaa, Tammisaari, Hanko, Siuntio, Karjalohja, Salo, Pusula, Somero, Vihti and Karkkila.

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Flexible one way tickets

All tickets for Western Uusimaa sold in our Online shop are of type Flexible tickets. The price of Flexible tickets purchased from our Online shop is approximately 10 % cheaper than the price of cash tickets. The discount increases with the length of the journey.

The Flexible ticket in the Western Uusimaa area is valid for one day. The flexibility allows you to choose whichever service during the date of travel marked on the ticket, on the same route and travel direction. This is because the bus services are frequent in the area and many services can get crowded.

The electronic ticket reader onboard the bus will automatically recognize the validity of your ticket. You can either print the ticket on paper or present it from a mobile device.

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Low-cost travel for regular customers

Multi-journey and Season tickets are an excellent and affordable option for people who frequently travel by bus. There’s no need for separate cards or downloads except for the ticket itself. The electronic ticket reader on the bus scans the code on the ticket and registers the trip. The ticket can also be stored on a smart phone or an other mobile device and presented from the screen.

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