Travel Etiquette

Use of seat belts and seats onboard

It is mandatory to use the seat belt installed in the seat. The seat belt is often a so-called hip belt and deviates from the belts used in passenger cars. The easiest way to use it properly is first to pull out the belt straight forward as far as it goes, and then fasten the belt.

We strive to offer each passenger a seat. On our express services we grant a seat for the passengers who have bought their ticket in advance for the bus service in question. Seat reservations can be made when buying the ticket in our web shop or in Matkahuolto’s web service.

Sometimes there might occure unexpected situations where the number of passengers is not foreseen. In these situations it is allowed to stand in the bus. The obligation to wear seat belt does not apply to standing passengers. There are also a few buses with no seat belts installed, and the requirement to use seat belts does not apply to these buses.

Food and drinks

You are more than welcome to enjoy your own packed lunch or snacks on the bus, but please take into consideration your fellow passengers when choosing food items and drinks. For instance, it is forbidden to bring ice cream, burgers and grilled food onboard, as they often are quite messy to eat and can dirty the bus or spread strong smells.

Radio and music players

The bus radio is only used to listen to news broadcasts. The volume of the radio is adjusted to a level where the passengers have an opportunity to listen to the broadcast and still have a conversation with each other. If the bus radio is on and one single passenger so demands, the driver will turn off the radio.

You are very welcome to listen to your own music on your personal music device, but only with personal headphones on and so that it doesn't cause disturbance to fellow passengers.

Use of mobile phones

We kindly ask all passengers to be discreet when using mobile phones to avoid disturbing other passengers. In accordance with the Road Traffic Act § 24 our buses are equipped with a mobile phone with a separate fixed handset. With this phone the bus driver is permitted to engage in necessary duty calls while driving.

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