Pohjolan Liikenne will release a ticket application on 21 June

Pohjolan Liikenne's ticket sales will be renewed during the summer. The first change will take place as early as June 21, when the PL application will be released. With the help of the application, bus tickets can be easily purchased using many different payment methods for three zones in the Western Uusimaa region.

Application flags are zone flags

Tickets for Pohjolan Liikenne have previously been available from one stop to another, but from Monday 21st of June tickets purchased from the PL application are valid in zones. There are three zones: Lohja, Vihti-Helsinki and the whole of Western Uusimaa. Tickets run on all Pohjolan Liikenne flights within their eligibility area.

Through the application, you can buy PL's series, season and one-time tickets, but new tickets are also included, such as a ticket to be purchased on behalf of a child and a combined ticket for Pohjolan Liikenne's flights and the HSL area.

The free PL app will be available for download on the AppStore and Play Store on June 21st. By downloading the app and providing payment information, tickets can be purchased by card payment and also on MobilePay, mobile payment and Pivo.

From 1.7. you can buy only one-way and return tickets on the website

Series and season tickets can be purchased on Pohjolan Liikenne's website until 30 June. After that, only one-way and return tickets can be purchased from the website due to the website renewal. Series and season tickets are also scheduled to be re-launched on the website during August.

The changes will not affect tickets already purchased from the website. Tickets are normally valid until their last day of validity.

The upper age limit for a children's ticket changes

From the 21st of June, the upper age limit for children's tickets will be 12 years. The age limit is lowered to be consistent with the shifts obtained by the authorities.

More information on zone tickets sold through the application can be found on June 21st from Pohjolan Liikenne's website at or Pohjolan Liikenne's Facebook page. In addition to the application and the online store, tickets can also be purchased from drivers as usual.