The e-ticket is opened in the browser from a link in the covering email. Therefore you need an internet connection to open the new ticket. If you don't have internet access on your device you can always print the ticket out or take a screen shot of it before your journey. Please note that the QR code along with the route and date info of the ticket must be readable on the screen shot or the printout. Please see the picture below.

Return trip

The out and inbound journeys of a return trip are presented on separate tabs. The information for each trip can be accessed simply by just clicking the tab.

Several passengers on one ticket

All passengers and journeys of one purchase are all presented on the same ticket. If you want to send the ticket to the other passenger/s, you can simply forward the email containing the link to them.

On the left: The covering email with the link to the ticket. On the right: The new e-ticket opened in a browser.


The ticket also contains a link to its receipt which can be found by scrolling down past the QR code.