Detour between Nummela and Helsinki 13.10. and 14.10.

Due to paving work on the ramp, we will have to use a detour on Wednesday 13.10. and on Thursday 14.10. between 21:00 and 06:00.

On Wednesday 13.10. the detour is on the route Huhmari - Nummela bus station and applies to lines departing from Kamppi at 21.05, 22.05 and 23.05. Detour: Vanha Turuntie - Pihtisillantie - Vanhan-Sepä road - Huhdanmäentie - Huhtatie - NLA bus station

On Thursday 14.10. the detour applies to the route Nummela bus station - Huhmari and to the lines departing from Nummela at 20.55, 21.55 and 5.20 (Fri 15.10) . Detour: Nummela bus station - Huhtatie - Huhdanmäentie - Vanhan-Sepä road - Pihtisillantie - Vanha Turuntie

In the image below, the detour is marked in blue and the standard route in gray.

Download the exception route as a pdf file