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Pohjolan Liikenteen uudesta PL-sovelluksesta liput kolmelle vyöhykkeelle.


One area for one price from 21st of June

Pohjolan Liikenne tickets have previously been available for purchase from one stop to another, but as of Monday, June 21st 2021, tickets purchased from the new PL application will be valid in the zones. There are three zones: A. Lohja, B. Vihti-Helsinki and ABC. the whole of Western Uusimaa. In addition, one price will apply within the zones in the future. For example, an adult ticket in Lohja costs 3.80 euros and allows you to travel unlimited anywhere in Lohja for the duration of the ticket.

Through the application, you can buy Pohjolan Liikenne's series, season and one-time tickets. In addition, the application also has new ticket options, such as a ticket to be purchased on behalf of a child (the child must be under 12 years) and a combined ticket for Pohjolan Liikenne's flights and the HSL area. Seniors, children, students, conscripts and the disabled will travel from 1.50 € / day in the future.

The free PL app will be available for download on the AppStore and Play Store. By downloading the app and providing payment information, tickets can be purchased at MobilePay, ApplePay and Pivo in addition to card payment. Mobile payment is also possible, which means that in the future you can pay for a bus ticket on a telephone bill.

Series and season tickets can be purchased on Pohjolan Liikenne's website on 30 June. until. After that, only one-way and one-way return tickets can be purchased from the website for the time being. The changes will not affect tickets already purchased from the website. Tickets are normally valid until their expiration date.

In addition to the app and the online store, one-off tickets can also be purchased from drivers as usual.

Tickets in the PL application

    • With a 1-way ticket, you make one trip in the selected zone and it is valid on all Pohjolan Liikenne flights. If your trip includes a change, the ticket will be stamped on both buses.
    • Traveling with a 2-way ticket will be cheaper than traveling with a 1-way ticket. It's a good idea to choose a 2-way ticket when you know you're making a return trip or traveling in the same direction as a friend, for example.
    • Series tickets are 10 and 30 trip packages. Traveling with series tickets is cheaper than with 1 and 2 trip tickets.
    • Series tickets should be purchased if you know you will be traveling more than once in the coming months, or if you are traveling in a larger group.
    • A 10-trip series ticket is valid for 3 months and a 30-trip series ticket for 6 months from the time of purchase.
    • Tickets allow you to travel in the selected zone on all Pohjolan Liikenne's buses.
    • The series ticket contains 10 or 30 journey tickets. You have to activate your ticket before hopping on the bus. You can see the number of trips remaining on the ticket from the app.
    • Season tickets are by far the cheapest way to travel in Western Uusimaa. For example, students and seniors travel unlimited on Pohjolan Liikenne's buses in Lohja starting at € 1.50 / day.
    • You can choose between 14, 30 or 90 days for the duration of the season ticket. The longer the time, the cheaper the daily travel becomes. With a season ticket, you can travel unlimited on Pohjolan Liikenne's buses in the selected zone during the ticket's validity.
    • The season ticket includes a QR code from which all ticket trips are read. You can see the remaining time on the ticket from the app.
    • Please note that the season ticket cannot be sent to another person after purchase, i. e. the ticket must be purchased on the person's phone, who is going to be using the ticket. However, with the Pappa Betalar! -function you can buy season tickets for children.
  • A combined ticket that can be used to travel on both Pohjolan Liikenne's buses and HSL's means of transport. When you jump aboard Pohjolan Liikenne, activate the PL ticket from the application and when you jump to HSL vehicles, activate the HSL ticket. Easy and cheaper than if you bought these two tickets separately.
  • Special offers for events as well as combination tickets that include both return trips and admission to selected events.
  • Pappa Betalar! allows you to buy tickets for your loved ones. With the function you can buy single, 2 or 10 journey series tickets for Adults / Students / Seniors / Other group members. For a child under 12, you can buy single tickets as well as 14-, 30- or 90-day season tickets.

    How do I buy a ticket for a loved one?

    1. Log in and select the travel area for which you want to buy a ticket.
    2. Select a category, eg "Children under 12".
    3. Select a ticket, eg “Children 1 journey”.
    4. Select "Apply" and then "To another account (sharing link)."
    5. Accept the purchase.
    6. Submit a sharing link.

    Please note: You must be registered in the app to buy tickets for a family member or friend. Your loved one must also have registered as a user of the PL-application downloaded to their own phone.


ABC. Länsi-Uusimaa
ABC. Länsi-Uusimaa
B. Vihti + Helsinki
B. Vihti + Helsinki

A. Lohja
A. Lohja