Return ticket at half price!

When you purchase a return ticket you receive a discount irrespective if you buy the ticket in our Online shop or onboard the bus. The discount is 25%. In other words, you travel homebound at half price!

Return tickets purchased onboard 

Return tickets are available on all routes, both on Express and regional services.* Tickets purchased onboard are valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. You can check the price for a return ticket in the cash ticket price list. The discount is granted on the adult ticket price.

* Exceptions to the discount

Pohjolan Liikenne’s cash ticket prices and discounts are not applied on trips inside the HSL area (Helsinki metropolitan area) nor on services according to contracts with HSL and regional/municipal authorities. These services include:

bus lines 171-182 and 901-911 to/from/in Kirkkonummi
bus line 346
bus lines 632, 635, 638, 665, 963 to/from/in Tuusula
bus line 765 to/from Järvenpää
bus lines 785-788, 982 and 984-996 to/from/in Sipoo, Porvoo and Pornainen
local services in Kuopio,Siilinjärvi, Kotka and Imatra
individual services in Western Uusimaa region, marked specially in the timetables

Return tickets purchased in Online shop 

In our Online shop the return discount is granted on adult tickets that are either Basic or Flexible tickets. The discounted fare is automatically offered by the Online shop, when the criterion “return” is entered in the search. Return tickets purchased in our Online shop are always cheaper than cash tickets purchased onboard, even though the return discount percent is smaller online.

A fixed return discount is granted on Finnair City Bus tickets. Read more about Finnair City Bus tickets