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Combined register statement and information document Personal Data Act (523/99) Sections 10 and 24

1. Registrar

Oy Pohjolan Liikenne Ab (hereinafter PL)
Business ID: 0678125-8
Veturitie 17
00240 Helsinki
tel. 0307 15 

2. Matters concerning the register are handled by

Oy Pohjolan Liikenne Ab
Veturitie 17
00240 Helsinki
tel. 0307 15

3. Register name

Oy Pohjolan Liikenne Ab passenger services customer register

4. Purpose of collection of personal data

The primary purpose of the collection of personal data is the customership between PL and the customer (factual connection). The collection of personal data may also be based on the customer's consent, be due to a legal obligation or an assignment given by the customer to PL.

Personal data is used for the following purposes: 

  • Production, development and monitoring of PL services and customer service.
  • ​Management and development of the customer relationship.
  • Customer relations communication and marketing, and management of customer contact history.
  • Processing of and replying to customer feedback.
  • Processing of refund requests and compensation claims, replys and payments of them.
  • Realization of the customer's and PL's rights and obligations and security and responsibility. Taking care of obligations based on the law or orders issued by the authorities.
  • Monitoring, development and compilation of statistics related to the webservices.
  • Recording of phone calls to authenticate service transactions, to secure due process and security and for customer service staff training. 

5. Register information content

Customer information:

  • Name
  • Adress
  • Phone number(s)
  • e-mail

Personal data connected to the provision of services and travelling:

  • Service, sales, and travel information.
  • Information connected to direct marketing and customer communications.
  • Recording of Customer Care phone calls.
  • Information connected to data processing, such as log files.
  • Information connected to refund and compensation application, such as grounds, amount of compensation sought and bank account information.
  • Information connected to customer feedback and replying to it.

6. Regular sources of information

Information connected to customers are primarily gathered from customers themselves when an order is placed, when purchasing or in customer service situations and otherwise directly from customers. Information connected to customers are generated in PL information systems also in the context of service use and travelling.

7. Regular transfers and handing over of information and transfer of information outside the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA)

Customer information is not handed over to parties outside PL or parties not taking part in the production of PL services without a statutory basis. Customer information is not transferred outside the EU or EEA.

8. Use of cookies

A cookie is a short text file which the web server sends to the user's browser and is stored on the computer's hard disk. PL uses cookies in its web services to provide services and make it easier to use the service. Cookies are used to safeguard the service's security, efficiency and user friendliness. With the cookies the service provider can find out what information the user is interested in and how and when the online service is used. With this information the service provider tries to develop the online service to even better meet the needs of customers. 

Online services users may give their consent or ban the use of cookies in their browser settings. If cookies are disabled it is possible that you cannot use all of the site's services such as PL Online Shop.

For additional information on cookies and the technical implementation of PL online services click here.

9. Register data protection principles

The data security of PL personal data processing and confidentiality, integrity and usability is ensured with appropriate technical and administrative measures in accordance with PL's information security principles. Personal data is protected against unauthorized access or accidental data processing. Only PL staff members specifically authorized to handle personal data are authorized to access it.

10. Right to inspect and carrying out the inspection right

Customers have in accordance with Sections 26-28 of the Personal Data Act the right to verify what information on them has been recorded into PL customer register. Customers must in the verification request state the necessary information to find the data: name, address and phone number.

The verification request is to be signed and sent in writing to: 

Oy Pohjolan Liikenne Ab
Administration/Verification request
Veturitie 17
00240 Helsinki

The reply to the verification request will be sent by post. A reasonable fee is charged for the verification request if the request is made less than a year after the previous request.

11. Correction of information

Customers may in accordance with Section 29 of the Personal Data Act update their basic information by contacting the company in writing to: 

Oy Pohjolan Liikenne Ab
Veturitie 17
00240 Helsinki

Customers must state the necessary facts to correct the data and information required to identify the customer: name, address and phone number.

12. Permissions and bans

Customers may forbid PL in accordance with Section 30 of the Personal Data Act from using information concerning them for direct marketing by contacting the company in writing at: 

Oy Pohjolan Liikenne Ab
Veturitie 17
00240 Helsinki

If the customer does not give any permissions and orders all possible bans the customer will only be sent the necessary customer communications material required to provide the service and manage the customership.

Web service technical information

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Supported browsers

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  • Safari 533 or newer 

The site's graphics may be altered if you use other browser versions. PL recommends using the abovementioned browser versions also because of their more extensive data protection.

Display settings

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Content using JavaScript:

  • Most campaigns and competitions which open in a new window.
  • Pages opening up new windows providing additional information in the Online Shop, i.e. instruction pages.
  • The predictive bus stop name input in Journey Search and selection of travel date in the calendar.
  • The customer feedback form works best with JavaScript. You can, however, also fill in the form without JavaScript.
  • Left side navigation shows current page if JavaScript is enabled.
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