Pets onboard 

Your pet is also welcome onboard!

Conventional and harmless pets can be transported onboard our buses, as long as there’s space available. Animals onboard must travel escorted and under the responsibility of the escort. Pets will be positioned in the bus in a way that minimizes the possible inconvenience they may cause to other passengers. Pets travel on the floor by your feet or on your lap. The animal must be kept on a leash or inside a separate carrying case. It is not allowed to let the animal sit on the bus seats. 

Small lap dogs may travel for free. For other dogs there’s a charge of 3,30 €, regardless of the distance traveled. If you buy your ticket online, the fee for the pet will be charged when you board the bus.

Passengers with allergies, who are already onboard, have the primary right to choose their seat onboard. If necessary, they can also ask the driver to deny the pet access to the bus. However, this does not apply to guide or assistance dogs, which are always allowed onboard. Guide or assistance dogs and people with allergies should be placed in the bus as far from each other as possible to minimize the inconvenience the animal might cause. There’s no additional cost for guide or assistant dogs.

Should you have any questions regarding the transportation of pets our customer service will be happy to help you!

lemmikin kuljettaminen bussissa