Added security for kids traveling alone 

If a child needs to travel alone without an adult on our bus services, we warmly recommend using the Kids' Travel Pass. It’s a document containing important information, and with this document it’s safe for the child to travel alone.

There is a copy of the Kids' Travel Pass for the person accompanying the child to the bus, the traveling child and the bus driver. The pass must include the following information: name and address of child, place and time of departure, the accompanying person’s name and phone number, place and time of arrival, the recipient's name and telephone number and the telephone number of the bus, if possible. 

When the bus arrives at the destination the bus driver makes sure that the child is handed over to the appropriate person stated in the Kids' Travel Pass. 

You can download, fill in and print out all the three necessary copies of the Kids' Travel Pass below. 

Download the Kids' Travel Pass here