General Ticket Info

Broad selection of tickets

Our Online shop offers a range of different tickes for different travel needs. The Basic ticket is valid for a set date, time and route. It is possible to add flexibility to the basic ticket, which means the ticket can be used on the same route within 30 days. There is a limited amout of special-priced basic tickets available for each route. 

If you frequently travel on the same route and would like to reduce your total travel costs, we recommend the Multi-journey or Season ticket. For juniors, students and pensioners we offer discounts on tickets purchased online. We also provide affordable ticket options for families and groups. Children under 6 years travel for free together with an adult on all our services. Don’t forget to check out the different payment options in our Online shop.

Convenient mobile tickets

Tickets purchased in our Online shop can be opened in the web browser through the link that is sent to the email address provided by the customer. The ticket contains a 2D code for each passenger (read more about the new e-ticket). Multi-journey tickets are sent to the customer's email as pdf-attachments. You can print the ticket out, but it is not necessary as the ticket can be read directly from the screen of a smart phone or other mobile device. Please note, however, that the order number or the covering email are not accepted as a ticket!

Scanning of the ticket

Tickets purchased in our Online shop are scanned onboard with an electronic ticket reader. The reader identifies the individual 2D or QR code that is registered on each ticket. The text information on the ticket, for example the route and date, must also be verifiable, if needed. 

If you present your ticket from the screen of a mobile device, it pays off to enlarge the 2D code in order to speed up the ticket scanning. You can also lock the screen rotation, so that the ticket does not spin around when you move the device. Some smart phones adjust the brightness of the screen automatically according to the surrounding light, and the contrast can be inadequate. You can facilitate the scanning by making the screen brighter before you show your ticket.

Kids under 6 travel for free

An adult traveling with a ticket purchased in our Online shop may have 1-2 children under 6 years accompanying her/him free of charge. However, please note that these children do not have the right to their own seat onboard if the bus is full.