Welcome onboard our comfortable buses! 

All our Express service buses are equipped with adjustable backrests, allowing you to choose the optimal recline angle for maximum comfort during your journey. There’s good space between the seat rows, leaving plenty of legroom for every passenger to strech out. Most of the backrests are also equipped with a folding backrest table. 

All our Express service buses are air-conditioned to ensure you a comfortable stay onboard, irrespective of the outside temperature. Clean and spacious toilet facilities located either in the middle or at the back of the bus contribute to a relaxed journey.

We also provide newspapers and magazines onboard. The supply varies from bus to bus, so if you feel like reading, please check out the newspapers and magazines on offer in the front of the vehicle. 

All our Express service buses are equipped with free wireless Wi-Fi, and most also have power sockets where you can charge your electronic devices. Our onboard information system keeps you up to date with news and other important information about your journey. 

There’s plenty of leg space onboard

Refreshments onboard!

Buy small snacks and drinks from our Express service buses' vending machine to avoid hunger on the road.